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Written by Edward Lai

What Happens to the Family After the Parents Split Ways

Letting go of something that you as a parent and a couple have fought for through many years is never easy. Many young parents and now separated couples are finding that breaking up a family is not an easy task.

While it be through divorce or through “separation” splitting a family is difficult for all those involved. However in the end it could be for the best. So what exactly happens when a family is ultimately split apart? There are certain steps that must be taken to ensure that any children involved are to be protected and raised properly.

Remember it is a Grieving Process

The breaking up of a family can easily be compared to the death of someone special to all involved. While reconciliation is always something that can be hoped for, it is something that must be kept realistic.

Everyone who is involved in the break up has to have his or her own time to heal. It only after the grieving process that true healing can begin.  Each person has to take their own time to feel the pain of the loss as well the acceptance of the situation the pain comes with.

Seek Mediation in difficult matters

Seeking a Mediator or a neutral third party–especially when it comes to the more difficult decisions of the separation–is key point in the process if you and your ex are to keep from fighting with one another. Choices like who will keep the house or who will keep making the car payments are good examples of something that can lead to large scale arguments and could benefit from the advice of a Mediator.

Another crucial point is sharing the time with the children. Using a mediator to settle work schedules with school activities as well as separate vacation/leisure times with the children are vital to make sure they get equal amounts of time with each parent.

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