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Written by Edward Lai

What are Your Rights as an Employee?

As an employee your job is a major component of your life. It feeds you and your family, it helps you keep clothes on your back and a roof over your head, and provides opportunity for your family.  Even though most of us have a work supervisor, not all the power is in his or her hands. Every employee has a set of rights that must be provided by the employer at all times.

While some of these rights might sound silly or common sense, it is surprising how many employers do not follow the rules regarding these rights as mandated by the government.


Now let’s first talk about the main reason why we work in the first place–money. Each employer is mandated to pay their workers pay equal to the amount of work they do.  Salary really depends on the job and what the employer thinks is the value of the work done. However, there is a minimum wage that cannot be disputed. This means that the employee must get paid the minimum wage for any work done for the employer.


A typical workday for any employee usually comprises about 8 hours. However, employers are mandated by law to allow their employees short breaks in between these work hours. These breaks are vital to keeping employees healthy and ready to do the work they are intended to do.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Many jobs are hazardous and once on the worksite accidents do happen. Employers are required to provide worker’s compensation insurance to those who are injured on the worksite and need time to rest and heal before returning to work.

This insurance can also reach out to women who are pregnant and are about to give birth.

Ant-Sexual Harassment and Anti-Race/Gender Bias

All workplaces now protect employees from harassment in the workplace, meaning that it is illegal to make any kind of advancement toward any employee. If any advancement by an employee is found to be demeaning or unwanted, the party in question could suffer disciplinary actions and even termination.

This can also be said about those who have biases against certain races or genders. All workplaces are meant to be an equal opportunity environment and racism should not be tolerated in anyway.

These are just some of the basic rights that employees have in the workplace. For more information about any legal matters regarding your employment and workplace environment, the Law Office of Edward Lai is willing to help.

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