Asian Business Legal Mediation Oakland CAIn some instances, the relationships between the parties have deteriorated to such an extent that litigation seems to be the only avenue left to effectively resolve a dispute. At the same time, we also fully understand the costs, both financial and emotional- that delays, the risks and the anxieties for all parties involved in any litigation. We appreciate and often encourage the opportunities that often exist to resolve disputes through the use of alternative dispute resolution avenues such as mediation and arbitration.

Here at The Law Office of Edward M. Lai, we have been involved in mediation and arbitration in numerous litigated and non-litigated matters involving construction, construction defect, landlord-tenant, personal injury, employment, discrimination and contract matters. We have also successfully served as a mediator and/or an arbitrator in resolving countless construction, landlord-tenant, and other business disputes. We are at the forefront in the use of such ADR techniques to resolve disputes without resorting to litigation, or, going to ADR to resolve a legal matter that is currently in litigation.
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