Constructio Defect Attorney Oakland CAWe regularly represent clients throughout California in a variety of Construction matters raging from the drafting of contracts, review and analysis of potential insurance coverage, employment/hostile workplace matters, as well as defending alleged construction defect claims. We work closely with clients ranging from small “mom and pop” specialty contractors, to large general contractor/developers in their legal matters which can involve one single family homes, spec homes, condominium/townhome projects and large multi-home residential developments.

Utilizing our experiences as an insurance litigation specialist, and an attorney, we offer extensive knowledge and expertise in the nuances and technical aspects of the construction industry, and the insurance issues arises therefrom, that other Law Firms simply cannot offer. We will immediately focus on thoroughly evaluating our client’s case and legal rights, and then closely work with our client to develop a specific plan of action to work towards our client’s goals, while taking into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of each individual case, all within the reasonable financial parameters given by the client. We take pride in our ability to focus on crucial legal details that others may have missed to achieve a successful outcome for our client and minimize any extra costs or liabilities.