At The Law Office of Edward M. Lai, we provide you with excellent quality representation and advice for all of the legal needs for you and your business. We work to advise and protect you and your business from potential risks. Our goal is to help you install legal safe guards and protects to minimize your exposure to legal issues and litigation. We advise on risk management, preventive law and insurance issues, as well as assisting in drafting contracts, to help address liability issues before they can grow into bigger legal headaches. However, in those cases where litigation is inevitable, or where litigation has already been filed, we will vigorously defend your legal interests to resolve the matter as efficiently and equitably as possible.

We Are Focused On The Needs Of Our Client

When you entrust us with the handling your legal matters, we will always be sure to act so that:

  • We always maintain the highest standards of legal competence and due diligence;
  • We use our 25+ years of legal experience to analyze and recommend to you the best response/course of action for your particular legal situation;
  • We utilize our experience as an insurance carrier litigation specialist, including our knowledge of first and third party insurance coverage, to analyze, evaluate and advise you of your legal situation;
  • We will explain the applicable law to you and explain how they may effect your case, as we discuss our recommendations so that you can decide how to best proceed with the handling of your case; and
  • We have excellent communication procedures in place to make sure that you will always be kept apprised of the status of your case.

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