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What Job Searchers Should Look Forward to in 2017

The U.S economy is looking stronger as a new report shows that the unemployment rate has dropped below five percent. With this being said, those seeking jobs will have a lot to look out for when job hunting during the next year. If those looking for a job are left unprepared they could find themselves jobless for longer than expected.

Here a few things job hunters should watch out for in 2017:

A faster overall process:

The entire process from application to interview to possible hire looks to be going faster as companies are now streamlining potential candidates. Because of the low unemployment rate companies will now have a harder time finding the right applicant for the job, but that does not mean applicants should become lazy.

Potential hires should be particular on the time sensitive requirements that companies hand to them. Requirements such as references as well as any needed paper work should be handed in on time if not early to avoid companies seeing the tardiness as a reason not to hire.

Online presence will be more important:

Looking good online will slowly become just as or more important than how a candidate seems in person. Companies are now looking at online resumes such as LinkedIn more than ever, so it is advised that candidate’s update any potential social media to avoid negative feedback.

Companies are also starting to do online interviews more often so job seekers should prepare themselves as if they would be doing a face to face interview. Applicants will need to minimize any distractions such as phones ringing, barking dogs, kids interrupting, etc.

Companies will treat applicants better:

As stated earlier the unemployment rate in the U.S is below five percent, meaning people are generally happy with their jobs and less people are actively looking for new jobs. But that does not mean that expanding companies will stop hiring. Companies will now need to generally treat their applicants better than they did before.

What does this mean for job seekers? This will most likely mean that companies will be more open to negotiation when talking about salary and employment perks. But that does not mean that applicants should become over confidant. Respect is always a two way street.

With all the new changes coming for the New Year means changes to employment law as well. If you or someone you know need help with employment law the offices of Edward Lai Law are willing help.

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