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What Does Trump’s Presidential Victory Mean for Immigration?

Now that the initial surprise of Donald Trump winning the 2016 United States Presidential election has begun to wear off, many are beginning to look to the future regarding what the president-elect will do in terms of several key issues. One of these issues is the debate about how Trump will deal with immigration.

During his campaign Trump was a staunch opponent of immigration, especially against the almost 11 million illegal immigrants which are scattered across the United States.  Many already fear that Trump may actually begin raids in known locations where illegal immigrants live. However, if this were to happen, current law allows illegal immigrants access to certain legal rights, meaning that it would take several years for the judicial system to even see all the potential cases.

It is however a consensus that Trump will likely begin to do away with several programs that President Obama has in place. Two of these programs include the DACA and DAPA, which would have given undocumented immigrants short reprieves from deportation and given long term resident undocumented immigrants work permits.  It is also feared that those who have acutely registered under the DACA program could have their information used against them in the deportation process.

Trump is also likely to slowly stop the amount of immigrants coming to the US from hostile Middle-Eastern countries such as Syria. Trump has been outspoken about the number of Muslim immigrants he is willing to allow through the US borders.

But the biggest Trump campaign promise, the wall across the southern border of the United States and Mexico, seems closer as Trump makes plans to take office in a few short months. While many believe that this promise is both impractical and borderline insane, many are still waiting to see if Trump will actually go through with this particular promise.

Immigration reform may take longer to be implemented because the Trump presidency has many other pressing issues to take care over such as eliminating Obamacare, tax reforms, as well as overseas military matters.

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