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Written by Edward Lai

Important Questions to Ask When Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents happen all the time, and very rarely do they come with any warning. When these accidents happen many are left without knowing what to do.

Aside from seeking immediate medical attention, the next most important action one should take is finding the correct legal representation. But how does one actually find the correct lawyer out of the numerous available attorneys out there?

Here are some questions you should ask when looking for a lawyer for your personal injury case:

Does the lawyer actually specialize in Personal Injury?

Obviously when looking for a lawyer you should look into the main focus of his or her practice. This is similar to saying that you would not want to have a brain surgeon looking into your problematic heart.

Different lawyers can specialize in different aspects of the law, and of course you would want a personal injury lawyer look into your personal injury case.

Has this lawyer taken similar cases in the past?

Finding a lawyer who specializes in personal injury is just the first step in finding the right lawyer for you. Now it’s important to find a lawyer who is also really good at taking on personal injury lawsuits.

Lawyers who have won many similar cases in the past of course are more sought after than those who do not have that many cases under their belts. However, finding a lawyer with a good record in cases similar to yours might cost more than one who is relatively new.

How many lawyers will be working with your case?

When hiring a lawyer it does not always mean that you are just hiring him or her. In a lot of cases you are hiring the services of the law firm. This means that a lot of the smaller paper work for your case will be done lower level associates. The more important processes, such as appearing in court, would be done the partners.

Of course the more lawyers working on your case the more expensive the bill will become. This is something that needs to be taken in consideration especially if your medical expenses are also high.

How well does the lawyer work with you the client?

Lastly you should look on how closely the lawyer you have chosen works with you as a client. While many lawyers tend to be distant during the process, there are still many who work hand in hand with their clients.

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