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Four Out of Five Couples Do Not Abide by Divorce Law

New figures have revealed that four out of five couples who are divorcing do not abide by correct divorce laws. The law that is mostly typically ignored is the law that couples are required to consider mediation before they go to court for the divorce.

These numbers stem from a report conducted by National Family Mediation. The report states that an overwhelming 80% of all couples who are separating due to divorce do not follow the 2014 ruling requiring the presence of both parties at mediation information and assessment meanings (MIAMs).

The CEO of National Family Mediation Ms. Jane Robey states that it was the government’s aim to introduce a less controversial alternative to court. However the statistics are showing that a large majority of the couples filing for divorce are ignoring the law.

Robey is optimistic that by 2022 the policy will be fully implemented and properly complied with. But in the meantime Robey is calling on lawmakers to help out with the new ruling by stating that families who are separating will be helped by mediation instead of years of courtroom battles and lengthy conflicts.

According to Robey, the NFM was aware that the road for couples favoring mediation over court would be slow. However the government is also partially to blame for the slow integration of mediators.

Robey also believes that one of the main reasons why so few couples actually go through mediation instead of the court process is that many still believe in the power of judges. While judges do hold considerable power in settling domestic separations and divorce, a mediator can also hold the same level of power. The best part of a mediator is that both sides agree on what the mediator decrees before the situation will be settled.

With the divorce rate steadily rising and the amount of couples not staying together it will be a difficult task for couples to abide by the divorce law.

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