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Airbag Issue Causes GM to Recall 3.6 Million Cars

American car developer General Motors (GM) has recently issued a recall of 3.6 million cars due to faulty airbags. The recall comes on the heels of another recent recall of cars that had the Takata airbags installed.

GM has reported that no injuries or deaths were connected to the recall which is slightly different from a report by WRBL dated September 12 of this year. According to the WRBL report at least one person has died and another three have been injured due to the faulty GM airbags.

The report states that the vehicle’s sensing and diagnostic modules will enter test modes, causing that system to fail and not deploy when needed. It should be noted that the WRBL report stated that there were problems with the seat belts as well.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has sent a letter to GM stating that “A failure of the front air bags or seat belt pretensioners to deploy in the event of a crash necessitating deployment increases the risk of injury to the driver and the passenger.”

In response to the NHTSA letter GM has stated that the airbags are not linked to the massive Takata recall, which has been linked to 10 deaths and over 100 injuries worldwide. THE NHTSA has actually fined Takata $14,000 a day for not complying with the investigation into the airbag recall.

Several lawsuits have already been filed against automakers that have had the Takata airbag systems installed in their vehicles. These lawsuits have stated that the problems with the Takata airbag systems come from the faulty ammonium nitrate-based propellant which, left without a drying agent, can become affected by high temperatures and humidity. This propellant can cause the airbag to be deployed with excessive force causing injury to the user.

Car owners who are affected by the GM airbag recall will be able to return to the car dealership where they purchased the vehicle in question and have the airbag system and seat belt pretensioners replaced. Included in the GM recall where various models of Buicks, Chevrolets, and GMC vehicles all with model years of 2014 and later.

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